When the care a woman needs is for more than herself.

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You have every right to make the best choices concerning your health. You also deserve a health practitioner make you feel comfortable and cared for. Laura McCully is an experienced mid-wife who takes the extra time to listen, care, and educate from a uniquely female perspective.

Don’t be afraid of the unknown by taking ownership of your individual health needs. The Women First Health Services staff strives to make your visit with us a private, comfortable, and positive experience. Our team spends as needed time addressing your questions and concerns.

We are here to help. Make an appointment whether it's completing your annual checkup or assistance with a concern outside of regular care. We are here for you with innovative treatments like non-invasive  NovaSure or the precision innovations of the da Vinci® Hysterectomy.

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Welcome to Women First Health Services. Our physician & OBGYN clinic staff provides obstetrics and gynecology services and support to enable you to take control of your individual health needs. We offer expert obstetrics services and gynecological care to women in Grass Lake, MI, Jackson, MI, and surrounding communities.


Our female gynecologist, obstetrician, and the entire staff of our clinic strive to provide a comfortable, private, and positive experience for every patient at every visit. We spend as much time as is required to address your questions and concerns. We offer a full range of treatments and procedures, including premenstrual syndrome treatment, urinary tract infection & pelvic pain treatment, menopause treatment, fertility & sexual dysfunction treatment, and more.


We support your right to make informed decisions regarding your health. In addition, you should be treated with respect by a health practitioner who will help you feel comfortable and provide the best possible care. Laura McCully is a highly trained and experienced midwife. She takes the time to listen and educate patients from a uniquely female perspective.

At Women First Health Services, we are here to address your concerns and provide care that is tailored to your needs. Whether you need an annual exam or help with a concern, we offer quality care and innovative treatments. Our patients receive advanced care, such as non-invasive Nova Sure treatments and the innovative da Vinci hysterectomy.


We encourage you to browse our website to read more about our cline, staff, treatments, and procedures that are offered to women in the Grass Lake, MI and Jackson, MI areas. For additional information and to schedule an appointment, please contact us by telephone at 517-787-6838.