When the care a woman needs is for more than herself.

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If at any point your reproductive health needs require surgery, you can rest assured that we're here for you with the best in fully qualified obstetric and gynecological surgical care. Should your care need a surgical or hospital setting, that is never a problem for our qualified team of practitioners. And, since we're dedicated to employing the lastest in innovative and safe technologies, you can rest assured knowing you're getting uncompromising quality in all manners of surgical care.

• Lysis of Adhesions

• Myomectomy

• Oophorectomy

• Ovarian Cystetcomy

• Salpingectomy

• Tubal Ligation

• Laser treatments

• Hysterectomy (abdominal, vaginal, laparoscopic assisted vaginal)

Creative solutions for all different types of treatment needed.

• Ovarian Cysts

• Balloon Uterine Ablation

• C-Section

• Cerclage

• Colposcopy

• D & C (Dilation Curette)

• Diagnostic Laparoscopy

• Endometrial Ablation


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Surgical experience and excellence

Compassionate care

Whether our team performs your necessary care or a referral is made, know that you are always under the care of a professional team known for providing the finest service. At Women First Health Services our team is committed to clear communication so you understand your treatment. You're in excellent hands with our compassionate team of care professionals.

You're in the best hands

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Our practice utilizes the da Vinci™ hysterectomy, which is the least invasive, most effective treatment available for a range of conditions affecting the uterine area. The da Vinci™ Surgical System allows us to perform this surgery with control and precision that is unmatched. Only a few small incisions are made versus the large incision created with a open hysterectomy.


Hysterectomy is performed using the da Vinci™ Surgical System, which enables Dr. Pastoriza to perform with unmatched precision and control – using only a few small incisions.da Vinci™ Hysterectomy offers numerous potential benefits over traditional approaches including:


• Greatly reduced pain

• Fewer complications

• Less blood loss

• Less scarring

• A faster return to normal daily activities

• A shorter hospital stay


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da Vinci™ Hysterectomy

Open Hysterectomy Incision

daVinci Hysterectomy Incision